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R & D Fabrics 


Axeleron Technologies Inc. is focused on leading research and innovation in the field of applied technical fabrics in multiple industries including medical, military, and aerospace. Our expertise lies in non-woven and woven technologies, however, our interests in science take us far beyond. Thanks to our collaborative approach with Canadian universities and institutions, Axeleron Tech is undertaking important studies in areas such as 5G mm Wave-protective fabrics in civilian applications, reusable non-woven technologies in medical and personal hygiene applications, textile circuit integration and e-textile applications.

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Fabric Manufacturing and Distribution


Fabric sourcing, converting, and manufacturing is part of our DNA. Our own line of fabric products made in Canada is supplemented by our global network of suppliers in woven and non-woven technologies. We are proud to have partners in USA, Europe, Latin America, India, and others. This industry-specific knowledge allows Axeleron Tech to offer a wider range of solutions – faster and competitively!

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