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All-In-One Nap Solutions

Portable all-in-one bedding solutions for you and your child to easily transition back to school without the bulkiness of bringing full bedding.

Baby Sleeping

CozyCots is a 3-In-1 detachable design nap pad which your child can choose which fabric is most comfortable to sleep on with its reversibility feature. The blanket can be removed and used as a separate blanket, or your child can bring their favourite blanket instead. 


  •  Simply cold-water wash and tumble dry low – that’s it! This nap mat is built to withstand daily school use and weekly washings. 



  • Cozy Cot features a hidden pocket for their favourite plush toy to share their naps away from home. CozyCots also have sewn-in elastic bands that pull over mat/cot corners to assure your toddler's bedding stays in place.

Proudly Made In Canada 
  • The pillowcase is removable and includes our soft pillow. We have created a larger pillow ( 18" x 11") for more head support. This particular pillow was designed so children can sleep comfortably by having the option to place their hand under the pillow If needed. 

  • The base is designed with extra padding for extreme softness and coziness. Together with the larger size ( 54" x 22") which fits most standard cots, your child can sleep with ease. We have also added optimal versatility to our nap mat but creating one side with 100% cotton and the other with soft Minky. This gives your child the opportunity to choose which cozy side they rather sleep on. 

blanket done .png
  • We have made our blanket bigger and better. With this new size ( 54" x 44") our blanket is optimal for cozy and comfortable sleep. It has detachable ties to allow your child the option of bringing their own blanket. Our blanket is also designed to be reversible by having one side made with cotton and the other with our soft Minky.

  • We have also added a secret pocket so they can bring their sleeping buddy or read your notes before nap time.  

Created To Be The Best For Any Sleepy Occasion 


For More Information And Daycare Bulk Purchases Please Contact Us 

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