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Quality Manufacturing With Innovative Solutions 

Specializing in Non-Woven Fabric Applications




Axeleron Technologies Inc. is focused on leading research and innovation in the field of applied technical fabrics in multiple industries including medical, military, and aerospace. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a critical component of the hierarchy of controls used to protect people in hospital environments. Gowns are critical elements of the PPE since they are the second-most-used piece of PPE. 

 Simplifying the world’s transition from single-use plastic to reusable packaging and creating a more eco-friendly solution for our environment.

Manufacturing Process

With our own dedicated design team and a 10,000 square feet manufacturing facility in North York, Ontario.  Axeleron Tech can offer customized product design services and sewing services all under one roof. Our facility is equipped with the latest garment and packaging manufacturing equipment and is proud to employ some of the most talented seamstresses and machinery operators in Canada. Currently employing over 20 full-time operators. Axeleron Tech is looking forward to serving Canada and growing Canadian manufacturing on the world stage.

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